Day 2 – Decorate your home in signature style with help from The Dorchester London

A lush and green wreath is the perfect way to greet your guests and get into the festive spirit from the moment they step up to the front door. We are delighted to have sat down with Phil Hammond, Head Florist at The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane, to get his easy step by step to making the perfect Christmas wreath – The Dorchester way!


You will need:

  • Mossed Wreath Frame (A wreath made of twigs / branches could also be used)
  • Fine Metal Green Wire (Reel Wire)
  • Blue Spruce, Holly and other foliage that you would like to incorporate
  • Cinnamon sticks, Dried oranges or apples, pine cones
  • Baubles / Ribbon

How to:

  • Keep it traditional by using a moss base, which you will then decorate with blue spruce and holly. Attach one end of the reel wire to the wreath frame, then place small pieces of foliage flat onto the base wrapping the reel wire around the frame and foliage at the same time. This will keep the foliage in place and hide the piece of wire used with the next piece of foliage. Keep doing this until the wreath is full with foliage.
  • For a festive look, incorporate some pine cones and some cinnamons sticks . Use some green wire at the base of the cone, keeping about 10 cm length so that it can be pushed into the wreath and secured.
  • Follow the same process for the cinnamons sticks. I personally love adding slices of dried orange and lotus heads to wreaths for a traditional celebratory look.
  • Remember the wreath will look different when it’s hung on your door, so make sure all of the decorations are spread evenly throughout the wreath.
  • Add some baubles or bows of the same color as your Christmas tree and other festive decorations in your house for a uniform and elegant look. This will set the tone for what to expect when guests enter your house.
  • Don’t be afraid to be creative! Add some fresh flowers or berries of your choice a few days before Christmas to give it that personal touch.
  • Frequently spray the wreath with water every few days, this will stop the wreath from drying out and it will make sure it lasts throughout December.

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-16-31-58An iconic British hotel, The Dorchester has been at the heart of London’s Mayfair overlooking Hyde Park since 1931. This winter, The Dorchester has been transformed for the festive season with the unveiling of a gingerbread replica of the hotel for Christmas and a children’s Sweet Emporium.

A creation dreamt up by the hotel’s executive chef Henry Brosi, the Gingerbread Hotel measures approximately 180cm in length, 150cm in height, and 95cm in width, weighing in at 150kg and features over 8,000 individual pieces of gingerbread baked by the hotel pastry team.  The model of the front of the hotel is almost identical to the frontage of the world-famous building.screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-16-31-44

Children visiting the hotel during December will be swept into a magical experience at the Sweet Emporium by ‘Sweets in the City’ tucked inside a festive nook in the lobby. A bounty of traditional. English sweets await, such as giant twirl lollipops, chunky candy canes, and retro classics that include rhubarb and custards, flying saucers, dolly mixture, liquorice torpedos, giant chocolate coins and.   Two life-sized nutcracker soldiers stand guard at the door for sugar filled appointments.

The Dorchester’s Gingerbread Hotel and Sweet Emporium will be on display at the entrance to The Promenade at The Dorchester until 12th night. Find out more here.