Day 8 – Try our top champagne serving tips!

The festive season is in full swing but do you know the proper way to chill, pour and serve our fine champagnes?

We’ve put together some of our top tips so that you can be sure your party gets off to a sparkling start!

1. The best way to chill champagne is with an ice bucket for a minimum of 45 minutes, making sure the bottle is covered up to the neck. Never put it in the freezer!

2. The average 75cl bottle contains roughly 6 glasses of champagne, double if it’s a magnum so for a cocktail party of 1-2 hours plan for roughly 1/2 a bottle per person.

3. The best temperature at which to serve champagne is 8-10°c, slightly warmer for our vintage champagne or more prestigious cuvées such as Grand Siècle.

4. To open a bottle:

  • Remove the foil around the cork and loosen the wire cage
  • Hold the, hopefully chilled, bottle at 45 degrees
  • Grip the cork and twist the bottom of the bottle, gradually easing the cork out.
  • As the pressure on the cork increases hold it firmly and ease it out of the bottle slowly with a ‘hiss’, not a ‘pop’.
  • Continue to hold the bottle at 45 degrees a few moments longer to stop any foaming.
  • When serving champagne, pour the bottle by putting your thumb under the punt (the dent in the bottom of the bottle).

5. The best glass to use for champagne is a tulip-shaped one. Slightly more open than a flute, it allows more aromas to reach you when drinking but is still narrow enough to preserve the bubble.

6. Champagne is only released from the cellars once it is ready to drink, while some prestige cuvées such as Alexandra by Laurent-Perrier develop further intricacies over time, with cuvées such as our Brut NV and Cuvée Rosé there is no need or no benefit for holding onto a bottle for more than 2 years so feel free to pop open a bottle and enjoy it this festive season!