Day 17 – Try The Rollinson London’s Top Entertaining Tips

_m2a7483With festive dinner parties a plenty, we sat down the Prince of parties, The Rollinson London at The Corinthia London for his top tips on how you create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Table Top Tips for Laurent Perrier

When you have the opportunity to create a stunning table top. Give it everything you can!

Whether if it is for an intimate gathering or a family feast!

Try and make the table top more personalised, that reflects you and it will leave your guests leaving your festive dinner party with memories that will last, almost forever.

I am going to reveal my top five tips and an easy step by step guide to get you started on planning your table top this Christmas.

noname-71 – Colours and themes

Go for colour scheme, you can match the ornaments from your tree! Use some ornaments from the tree, if you have some leftover decorations.

2 – Centrepieces

They are great for creating height and making a real statement. You can use candles or ornaments which are traditionally used as Christmas table centrepieces

3 – Personalise It

Each setting, personalise it, to reflect your guest, this will make them feel honoured and it shows you know them too well (For example, you have a female friend who is mad about shoes, opt for a chocolate moulded in the shape of shoe, place it above their plate set. She will love it!) 

A miniature Laurent Perrier on each setting, the guests will love it! That way everyone will pop their own champagne at the same time, a one popping dinner party!

noname-44 – Flowers!

I cannot have my table dressed without flowers! Christmas only comes once a year, go for something pretty and in season (My decorations this year are a combination of — pale pink, antique gold and white. So the flowers I am using this Christmas are, pink hydrangeas, white roses with some gold sprayed branches) You can opt for garlands, if you have a table thats big enough.

5 – Crackers

Crackers are a must-have finishing touch to any Christmas table. Opt for something shiny, this year, I am spoiling my guests with exquisite crackers, their crackers is fill up with luxury goods, lucky them!

When it come to hosting a Christmas dinner, it can be overwhelming.

_m2a7142I want to guide you with this step to step guide to help you throw a dinner party that is stress and hassle free.

If you don’t have enough matching chairs, you can use other chairs from other room or ask your family friends to bring one. A mixed chairs around the table is perfectly normal and its allowed because its Christmas!

If you don’t have enough glasses or plates, you can hire one from, my preferred supplier – Duchess & Butler. They have stunning range! My favourite settings from them is — The Versailles Collection.

Prepare everything in advance when you can and set the table the night before.

Make sure you have plenty of ice for the Laurent Perrier, and some room on the table for the iced-cold champagne!

The most important thing when throwing a dinner party, make sure you are well prepared otherwise you will be slaved away in the kitchen, or worrying about not finishing some pieces whilst leaving your guest unattended. Be a great host.

Have a bubbly Christmas!

Best wishes,


noname-5The Rollinson London was founded by Nathan Rollinson as a result of his uncanny knack for spotting photographic opportunities.

Originally from Birmingham, Nathan moved to London where he discovered his passion for the city’s gems. He started by hanging out in beautiful hotels, restaurants and shops, snapping pictures of what he was eating and drinking for Instagram as a hobby but this hobby became a reality when Nathan realised that his huge following was a result of his impeccable photography skills setting him aside from other social media users. Deaf
from birth, his extraordinary observational skills compensate for his lack of hearing.