Day 10: (75 miles / 913 total miles)

In the end we had to opt for Plan C as I had no choice but to leave my handcrafted Brian Rourke bike in Inverness due to a faulty gear shifter. I’ve tweeted this as I think Shimano should know. Thanks to Sandy at John O’Groats Bike Taxi in Inverness for saving my trip hiring me a Trek hybrid, though much heavier than my ‘Rourkie’ it got me up the climbs.

We felt we’ve earned our sponsorship money today as it was our first wetdeparture, encountering torrential rain for the first two and a half hours as tan lines turned to watermarks. All I could think about was the first
line of The Simple Minds song Waterfront: ‘Get in get out of the rain’. Younger readers please Spotify it.
At one point today we passed a man and a woman on a tandem doing LeJog, hauling a little trailer with their belongings. I thought there’s an idea I must mention that to Maria.

Much like an F1 team we’ve adapted our fuelling strategy today from two stops to one stop as finding a decent Cafe Latte proved challenging. As we cycled through Sutherland, the location for the shooting of the final scenes of the James Bond movie Skyfall I thought of Daniel Craig driving up here in his Aston Martin. How tough is that?

I now sit with Malt to hand and can’t quite believe what we are about to achieve tomorrow.

Hotel rating on Index of Shame 50 yards.


Descent to Altnahara

D10 Descent to Altnahara

Plan B

D10 Plan B

Scottish Mist

D10 Scotch Mist

View from Struie Hill

D10 View from Struie Hill