Day 2: Staple Fitzpaine, Somerset (92 miles / 172 total miles)

SATURDAY 20 JULY: A very tough and long day. Not exaggerating when I say the head wind was strong enough to bring down trees. The road into Torpoint was blocked. Dartmoor was gruelling climbing into the wind. Didn’t take in the scenery much as concentrating staying on the bike. Thankfully the wind dropped in afternoon only then realised how hot it was as the road tar melted.  A 9 hour day on the bike but always knew yesterday was going to be challenging. Glad I wasn’t doing it on my own as without Jason I’d have not made the long 15% climb at 85 miles. Really enjoyed my steak and pint of Badgers at The Greyhound Inn.


Windy Dartmoor

4. Windy Dartmoor

Yet another ferry

5. Yet another ferry

Southwest countryside

6. Countryside