Day 6: Catlowdy, Cumbria (105 miles / 556 total miles)

“The Seven Miles of Shame”

WEDNESDAY 24 JULY: This is what Jason has dubbed our deviation from our route and it’s entirely my fault. Arriving in Longtown north of Carlisle we then had to cycle 8 miles west to our accommodation. Booking accommodation had been my responsibility.  The fact last night’s B&B was only 200 yards off the route was forgotten. “I didn’t realise we were doing the coast to coast too” I could hear muttered. We phoned the B&B numerous times for directions as our map didn’t show the village it was near. In the end Jack came in his Range Rover to find us. Locating us he offered to put the bikes in the back. As we were so far off the route I thought that  would be OK so loaded mine in. Jason said he’d cycle the remaining 5 miles and set off. After 100 yards in the car I realised what Jason had grasped immediately, taking the lift meant we hadn’t cycled all the way irrespective if we were off the route. I apologised to Jack but said I had to get out and cycle so he reversed the 100 yards to the point I’d got in, unloaded the bike and I set off after Jason but at a discrete distance.

Famished we devoured all the splendid dinner Bessie’s Town Farm placed in front of us and I was relieved to find I was no longer in the Doghouse. To be fair to Jason he took discovering at 98 miles we had an unnecessary 7 miles to cycle better than I would have done. Up until then we’d had a great day cycling through the Lake District. In fact I was going to give him a hard time about his new cycling buddy (Margaret from Workington) but I think I’ll let it go. The good news: we are over half way and my sponsorship total is £2800. I’m very grateful on both counts.


House on the bridge Ambleside

D5 House on The Bridge Ambleside

Jason and Margaret

D5 Jason and Margaret

Lake Windermere

D5 Lake Windermere

Sunset at Bessie’s Town Farm

D5 Sunset at Bessie's Town Farm