Day 7: Erskine Bridge, Renfrewshire (114 miles / 670 total miles)

THURSDAY, 25 JULY: A tough day today, and much like Monday a day for getting the head down and just pedalling. I was reminded it was made longer by starting at -7 miles. An uneventful day until we reached Glasgow and we’d made fairly rapid progress to Cambuslang over relatively flat terrain.

The weather gods had been on our side until this afternoon but decided to forsake us on the outskirts of Glasgow. The heavens opened delivering two torrential downpours as we traversed the city which caused flash flooding. That, coupled with it being ‘rush’ hour meant our progress was painfully slow.

Jason did a brilliant job navigating with us eventually arriving at the Erskine Bridge around 18.45 after setting off this morning at 08.45. The weather meant we pressed on rather than calling in to see Fraser at Alexander Wines in Glasgow who’d laid on cakes for us. Apologies Fraser but we were wet, cold and behind schedule.

Today’s good news: We’re in Scotland and the daily average distance remaining is a comfortable 80 miles (subject to accommodation).


Scotland welcomes tired cyclists

D7 scotland welcomes

View from Erskine Bridge

D7 View from Erskine bridge

“I thought I told you I didn’t want to get my bike wet?”

D7 Wet bike