#LPPortraits - Richard Purdey, Purdey and Sons from Laurent-Perrier UK on Vimeo.

#LPPortraits – Celebrating the glorious 12th, Laurent-Perrier sits down with Richard Purdey of Purdey & Sons

Champagne Laurent-Perrier has long been a supporter of the countryside and conservation.

In our vineyards, we limit the use of pesticides and other chemicals by using natural methods such as snails and ladybirds to curb any potential insect life which might damage our precious vines. Pheromones are used to deter further pests while waste water is recycled as much as possible to ensure that we remain as environmentally responsible as possible.

When it comes to conservation of other areas, Laurent-Perrier is happy to support the Purdey & Sons game and conservation awards which recognises those making efforts to protect and raise awareness of the British Countryside.

August 12 marks the start of the British shooting season and so to mark it, we sat down with Chairman Richard Purdey to chat about the brand’s history, commitment to excellence and their role in safeguarding the countryside we are all so dependent upon.